Friendly environments

Ecospace® are made mainly from sustainable wood from renewable, certified sources. Our off-site production improves quality control, efficiency and eliminates waste through recycling. What’s more, Ecospaces are designed to maximise energy efficiency with high insulation values through substantially thick multi-layered floors, walls and roofs. Speaking of roofs, our optional Sedum roofs improve insulation and create green space while the low-energy, Scandinavian, under-floor heating ensures you stay warm in colder seasons.

Use an Ecospace building as a home office and the commute to your garden will drastically reduce your carbon footprint. Our typical standard buildings also require very little maintenance; no treatment and no re-decoration to any external or internal walls. We can even integrate renewable energy options including photovoltaic solar panels, ground & air source heat pumps, wind turbines, biomass boilers and log burning stoves.