An energy efficient solution to your ultimate garden studio

The idyllic scene of a completed bespoke project in Dulwich Village. This meticulously designed garden room seamlessly transitions into an integrated fence, organically lining the end of the garden.


The Ecospace concept was developed over 15 years ago in response to the environmental, economic and space issues we face today. The first prototype was tested in 2002, and since then many Ecospace projects have been completed. Ecospace Studios focus on creating architectural solutions that not only respond sensitively to the site and the environment, but also to their customersā€™ requirements, creating sustainable building design at its best. As architects, we can create anything you want using our flexible modular concept from a cool garden office to a full compact house.

For example, you may need a home gym, studio, granny annexe, guest room or a summer house. It could even double up as another form of income through Airbnb, showing your guests the ideal setting for ecoliving. Or better yet, you can have a multipurpose space that you can adapt as your needs change over the years or just from day to day.

If you are looking for an energy efficient and sustainable addition to your home, these Ecolodges are the ideal choice. Ecospace buildings are made mainly from sustainable wood from renewable, certified sources. The off-site production improves quality control, efficiency and eliminates waste through recycling. The structures are designed to maximise energy efficiency with high insulation values through substantially thick multi-layered floors, walls and roofs.

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