Artist Garden Studios & Design Studios at Home

A comfortable and inspiring space in which to work is a must-have for creative people of all kinds; artists, graphic designers, jewellery designers, seamstresses, writers and more. Ecospace garden studios are immensely popular with creatives, whether hobbyists, semi-professionals or full-time professionals.

Studies have proven that having a designated work space helps to improve focus and concentration because the brain learns to link that space with productivity. Having an Ecospace studio or workpod reserved for work is an invaluable asset when it comes to banishing creative block – a mindset that artists know all too well!

At Ecospace, we know that too much noise and outside stimuli can be distracting and our studios are designed with this in mind. Our walls are nearly nine inches thick and our toughened double-glazed windows exceed UK building regulations; they’re better than the glazed windows in most UK homes. These features provide an excellent sound barrier, allowing artists to work in peace and quiet.
This extends to peace of mind: our buildings are designed to last for up to sixty years and each feature is as eco-friendly as possible, using natural materials and creating minimal carbon footprint! We provide power points, internet points and low energy lighting in every Ecospace home studio, our underfloor heating system is low-energy and effective and even our floors are recyclable!

We provide you with more than an empty shell: our garden studios are beautifully designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, even without adding any extra décor. Artists with an Ecospace workpod or home studio in their garden can enjoy the calm simplicity of their environment without distractions, or decorate it to reflect their own personality and create the perfect working space.

We can be as creative as you are! We understand that in order to get the most out of your garden studio, it must fit with your needs, so all of our studios can be customized to suit you. We can add mezzanine floors, shower facilities, kitchens and even bedrooms for a multifunctional use. If you cannot see the design you would like on our website, contact our team of architects who would be delighted to work with you to create your perfect artist’s studio using our bespoke studio service. This is especially beneficial to artists involved in large projects and requiring more space in which to work.

Our Ecospace home studios and workpods offer even more versatility to artists and other creatives: due to their excellent weatherproofing and temperature control, most projects can be stored, developed and even displayed in your workspace. This can be a great asset to artists and designers who wish to display their work in the form of a small home gallery or showroom. Having an Ecospace garden office or studio offers artists and creatives a pleasing and welcoming space in which to create new work from beginning to end, as well as inviting in potential buyers. Learn more about our garden studios here.