Ecospace garden gyms: a healthy investment

Keeping fit is personal; even your preferred temperature and music could be the opposite to the person on the treadmill next to you and at the moment many gyms are not open – uncomfortable or not.

An alternative to using the local fitness centre or waiting for one to re-open is having a gym within walking distance, open all hours of the day and night, any day of the week, with no membership fee and perfectly tailored to suit your fitness routine. Ecospace studios offer just that!

By investing in an Ecospace garden gym, you can create your own personalised fitness centre away from loud gym music, cold showers, misplaced weights and uncomfortable temperatures.

Ecospace garden studios offer a flooring option made from recyclable wear-resistant rubber, which is an excellent addition to a space in which you may be lifting and dropping weights or doing cardio work. After your workout, there’s no need to drive home to shower or use the public gym showering area either- we offer a built-in shower room as an option.

Owning a lot of gym equipment can take up space in your home and constantly moving weights out of the way can be inconvenient – especially if you live with other people, so having a designated area for gym equipment can help to declutter your home as well as get you into the right mindset ready for your daily work out. It has been proven that having a space reserved for work can help you to be more productive and the same goes for fitness!

A garden gym is an ideal asset for personal trainers and other health and fitness professionals. Beginning a fitness journey can be daunting and for many, the fear of training in front of everybody in a crowded gym may be a little overwhelming. For some, gym opening hours may not be compatible with their own working hours. With many gyms closed and the weather often being unpredictable, training outside is not always feasible either. Investing in an Ecospace home gym removes all of these issues – giving you and your clients privacy, flexible hours, a space to use in all weathers and, most importantly, peace of mind.
For extra peace of mind, our studios include high-security, insurance-approved locking systems to keep your garden gym and equipment safe.

Our garden rooms can be customized to suit your needs so if you cannot see your ideal garden gym among our modular studios, our architects will work with you to create it. We even take care of any planning applications you may need.

As working from home is becoming increasingly popular, we are now more than ever seeing the importance of making our home environments suit our working needs, as well as being enjoyable places in which to be.

Ecospace garden rooms are not only efficient, eco friendly and functional; they are also attractive and stylish. Creating a beautiful space means you’re more likely to spend time there and if your new year’s resolution has been to get fitter, then we are confident a garden gym can help you get there!

Contact us to discuss your home gym requirements.