Live, Work, Create Or Play With Ecospace

Ecospace offers thousands of design combinations, allowing you to truly adapt your garden studio to your needs: including shelving, underfloor heating, decking, skylights and even mezzanine lofts. While garden studios are often thought of as predominantly office spaces, it is easy to see the potential for a multitude of uses.

It is a well-documented fact that having a designated workspace can help improve your mental health and focus. This is especially important when working in an office-based environment or largely sedentary job. Workpods and studios with ample storage for supplies, a comfortable desk at which to work, connection to the outside in the form of windows, decking and natural building materials make an Ecospace garden studio the perfect office away from distractions in the home.

The opposite can also be true; an Ecospace studio can be used as a leisure room in which to enjoy time away from the office. For example: a larger space with an entertainment centre for gamers and film lovers, a stylish kitchen area with seating and a dining table for dinner parties, a home gym, a well-stocked library room and more. Power points are provided for convenience and our spaces are designed to be comfortable- with heating options and small kitchens so you’re near to the kettle for a cup of tea.

Well-insulated walls keep noises where they should be, making your garden studio an excellent option for a music room whether for teaching, learning, recording or personal enjoyment. This insulation means that your studio is equally suitable for meditation, yoga, complementary therapy and other purposes which require peace and quiet, keeping outside noise to a minimum.

At this time, homeschooling has become increasingly popular and an Ecospace studio also gives your family a designated space for learning, crafting and other school-based activities both at a desk or being active on your feet. Your family can return to the studio classroom refreshed from spending the rest of the time at home. Just as a good work/life balance is essential for adult mental health, it is a necessary requirement for children too, as they learn to focus and enjoy learning!

Garden studios do not necessarily need to be locked up and left at the end of the day: Ecospace architects can create a bespoke guest room or even longer-term residential space in order to give your guest a beautiful, private place in which to feel at home. The building structure can be upgraded for sleeping accommodation and include a larger kitchen as well as a shower and washroom.

We are proud to say that at Ecospace, the possibilities are endless and our website, instagram and facebook pages contain inspiration and advice for you, whatever your needs.

Get in touch with your requirements: whether you are looking for a home, office, games room, guest room or something completely different, we’ll think both inside and outside of the box to create your perfect ecospace.