Planning Permission won for 4 bed dwelling in Green Belt – 01 / 12


Following extensive negotiations with the local authority, we won planning permission for 4 bedroom house in a sensitive rural area, designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty within the Green Belt region in Kent.

Planning policy restricted the overall height and volume above ground to be no greater then the tired bungalow it replaces, therefore the dwelling is partly lowered into the ground creating three staggered levels, one of which being mezzanine within the roof slope to provide additional accommodation.

The client had first an Ecospace studio that he uses as an office loved the space so much that he decided to replace his existing 3 bedroom dwelling with similar design ethos in mind. A home that is not only built from sustainable materials but also has an energy efficient performance; a design that considers all its uses and every aspect of living; a home that opens up to its woodland and let the nature come in so there is a seamless threshold between inside and outside; a place where your heart is mostly at home