The natural way to holiday.

Ecospace® holiday retreats take the common holiday lodge and transform it into a luxurious yet sustainable sanctuary. Our holiday retreats are a larger scale version of our studios and include bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

They can be sited individually, as a complement to an existing hotel or as part of an eco holiday village. What’s more, their high specification can command an equally high rental income – especially as their green credentials means they can be placed in areas of outstanding natural beauty subject to gaining the necessary consents. And of course, like every Ecospace building, any size can be created to your requirements.

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Holiday Home Design

At Ecospace, we are also holiday home architects who have experience working on a number of diverse building projects. Whatever design you require for your Ecospace, we can create a number of solutions. You will find that at Ecospace, we are holiday lodge manufacturers and holiday home architects who take a different approach to holiday home design. Modular holiday lodgers will be impressed by the luxurious retreats our holiday home architects have created, using large versions of our studios including kitchens, bathrooms and, of course, bedrooms.


Whilst at Ecospace we are holiday home architects who take a different approach to holiday home design, we are not like other holiday lodge manufacturers, in that our modular holiday homes are able to be built individually or as an add-on to an existing hotel complex, to encourage modular holiday lodgers to use your leisure complex.

Like every Ecospace holiday home design we do, any size that you require to fit with the layout of your existing leisure retreat can be designed, and built, by our holiday home architects.


As holiday lodge manufacturers, we can also supply our modular holiday homes as part of an entire eco holiday village to appeal to those modular holiday lodgers who want to holiday in an environmentally responsible way. Furthermore, this approach by our holiday home architects to holiday home design means that your company will be able to command attractively high rentals from modular holiday lodgers.

The environmentally friendly credentials of our holiday home design means that often we can build our modular holiday homes in areas of natural beauty, which will logically command higher rates from modular holiday lodgers. Further savings can be made with energy saving efficiencies built into the design of your holiday homes.


Why Ecospace?

Here at Ecospace, we are different to some other holiday lodge manufacturers and builders of modular holiday homes in that Ecospace is run by professional architects. With a passion for modern design as well as quality and sustainability, Ecospace’s modular holiday homes are built with style, cost and the environment in mind, and are attractive to modular holiday lodgers in terms of comfort, facilities and, of course, eco credentials.

At Ecospace, we can avoid some of the problems of time overrunning and the increasing costs that follow this problem, compared to other holiday lodge manufacturers who are involved in more traditional methods of construction. Different to other holiday lodge manufacturers, we look at the design of our modular holiday homes with an innovative approach and take a variety of construction methods to complete our luxurious but sustainable modular holiday homes within short delivery timescales.


About Ecospace

At Ecospace, we have developed an approach to quality sustainable modular buildings which means that our studio buildings can be tailored, extended or reconfigured to be used for a diverse range of uses. Our buildings are sensitive to the environment in terms of materials used, and also to the location they are built in. Of course, with such a flexible approach to building, they are also sensitive to the requirements of our clients.


As holiday home architects, we believe that sustainable holiday homes should be luxurious and stylish. Our range of designs combine comfort and functionality with attractive interiors and exteriors.

As prime examples of sustainable housing with strong green credentials, our holiday homes can be placed in a variety of natural locations without dramatically affecting them. Our contemporary architects are focused on ensuring that your holiday home has the striking looks and eco-friendly functionality which define all of our modular buildings.