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Ecospace® is co-managed by architects who also run IPT Architects – a London based award-winning chartered architectural practice which designs and oversees various sustainable housing projects from individual houses to larger residential schemes.

We can provide as much or as little help as you need from acting as architectural consultants to providing a full in-house design and build service. Using our Ecospace flexible modular home structures that comply with modern housing standards and the Government’s code for sustainable and greener homes, your complete solution could be closer than you think.

And we’re not new to this. We’re constantly working with private individual clients and commercial developers to provide innovative, cost effective solutions for any particular site – including negotiating planning permission in sensitive areas throughout the UK.

For more information, please contact us.


Sustainable house designs

Ecospace can provide sustainable house designs which are, quite simply, homes designed by professional residential architects, primarily made from renewable materials such as sustainable wood. Developed from a prototype of modular buildings back in 2002, our sustainable house designs have extended to a wide range of projects and uses which will not only fulfill your home requirements, but also respect the environment they are built in.

Sustainable building design with Ecospace means that your home can maximise efficiencies of energy through several methods, such multi-layered flooring and walls, low-energy under-floor heating, air to air source heating and optional sedum planted roofs for living green roofs.


Why create a sustainable building design?

Ecospace sustainable house designs are a wonderful way to build a home away from home. Garden studios, for instance, can provide affordable extension to your living arrangements that are in tune with the surrounding environment. All buildings are constructed from sustainable cedar wood and, due to their sustainable building design, are energy efficient and cost-effective.

With our sustainable house designs, Ecospace have created modular buildings that require miminal upkeep. You can even incorporate additional options into your sustainable building design, which will add to your renewable energy credentials, with extras such as photovoltaic cells, air to air source heating and log burning stoves.


How to develop your sustainable house designs

Our approach at Ecospace is to ensure we deliver your design at a fixed cost and with a short delivery period, to ensure that your dream home is closer than you think. Following an initial chat about what you require from your home design, and a meeting with one of our architects who will make a site visit to assess the location and discuss your requirements. Following your design instruction, the next step is for Ecospace to submit a proposal to you, reflecting all discussed items as requested by you. If you are happy with our proposal, you can place an order and, if needed, we can take care of any planning applications that are required. Following planning approval then the technical design is carried out to confirm the project cost and instruction to manufacture. The building will be delivered in sections and your home can be erected within a few weeks. That is when the fun will begin, leaving you free to enjoy your new home.


Why use Ecospace residential architects for your sustainable building design?

Quite unlike a lot of other companies who deal with modular buildings, Ecospace is co-managed by professional residential architects who have a passion for quality, design and sustainability. Here at Ecospace, our residential architects are skilled in designing and overseeing a variety of sustainable housing schemes, from large residential projects to individual modular buildings. Our residential architects also run an award winning chartered architectural practice, IPT Architects, so whether you are a looking for a complete design and build service for your modular buildings, or just need some help on a consultancy basis, then our architects can provide you with as much advice and assistance as you might need to build the sustainable building design of your dreams.

Our portfolio boasts some stunning creations in sustainable housing. When our eco architects design residential buildings which are eco-friendly and ethically-sourced, they understand that function and appearance need to complement each other.

Our vast experience in designing modular buildings has seen us create homes for people who want somewhere special to live. Our designs also have strong green credentials, and can exist harmoniously with its surrounding environment. We are always happy to listen to your design ideas, we will do our best to realize them.