The original Ecospace® studios

We were the first to develop the contemporary modular garden studios over 20 years ago. Contemporary architecture, sleek lines and natural beauty at home, at the bottom of your garden.

  • Uses the latest Modern Methods of Construction.
  • Costs less than a home extension and has a fixed price.
  • A typical studio takes just five days to install.
  • Can be exempt from planning permission.

Use our configurator to customise your studio.


MidiStudio: priceless design for everyone

Great design is priceless, but we don’t believe in sticking a huge price tag on it. So we’ve introduced the MidiStudio. It has all the professional design, quality and sustainability as our original garden studios, it’s just more compact. In size and in price.
Design your ideal MidiStudio using our configurator

Why Ecospace home extensions?

Ecospace is run by architects who work in a creative and innovative environment on all aspects of every Ecospace project. Being craftsmen, as well as architects, we work to create – for you – sustainable home extensions or bespoke garden rooms, such as a garden gym. Practically everything about our outdoor rooms and our insulated garden buildings is eco friendly. We use sustainable wood structures, a number of energy-efficient heating and insulating methods, and even the option of a sedum roof.

As there are so many different variations of Ecospace home extensions from outdoor rooms to a garden gym, our website configurator helps you to visualise the possibilities for home extensions by using our most popular designs to play around with and give you an idea of what you can do. As architects, we at Ecospace want you to enjoy your surroundings and so if you do not see exactly what you want, remember we can create bespoke garden rooms – such as a garden gym – to help you achieve exactly what you want from your space.

Why might you need Ecospace outdoor rooms?

Insulated garden buildings can be whatever you want them to be. For instance, how many of us wish we could work from home, but just do not have enough space? Ecospace can create bespoke garden rooms which mean that they can be perfect for use as an office – and think of the reduction in your carbon footprint on that commute. How many people would like to live in a bigger house but, in the present housing market situation, just simply cannot afford to move? Again, Ecospace can create bespoke garden rooms that can be used as a garden gym or a studio apartment or any other kinds of outdoor rooms.

Using Ecospace home extensions such as creating insulated garden buildings means that you will spend less than the cost of traditional home extensions and it will be completed in a fraction of the time usually needed. Ecospace outdoor rooms such as a garden gym have a fixed price which gives peace of mind when commissioning a project. What is more, our home extensions are built to last, and can comply with modern housing standards, so you know that our insulated garden buildings are going to be high-quality in terms of security and your warmth and comfort.

Types of Ecospace outdoor rooms
We have a variety of standard sizes of insulated garden buildings that have been developed since the first garden studio we created over 10 years ago.

Our bespoke garden rooms can now be created with mezzanine space and a sloping roof, for a bright and airy interior or bespoke garden rooms created for restricted space – such as the Ecospace Workpod – which is a practical option for a person looking for affordable workspace at home. Whether you are looking for practical bespoke garden rooms for working from home or planning to extend your home with a garden gym, Ecospace can create insulated garden buildings that will fit with the location they are in, are environmentally friendly and provide home extensions that work in your space.

Our impressive portfolio of garden studios features a diverse range of styles and sizes. When choosing a studio, it is vital to carefully consider what you require from both the design and the functionality of the space itself. We can create studios which serve as anything from contemporary garden offices to home extensions, yet we can also create custom designs to suit whatever you have in mind. Our eco architects are happy to do whatever they can to help realise your vision.

Garden studios have become increasingly popular in recent years. This may be due to the diversity of purposes they can serve, whether as a working space or even a garden gym. Of course, they can also be a private space for relaxation, whilst adding value to your home at the same time.

As qualified professionals, our eco architects have years of experience in sustainable building design, and can offer a vast range of designs to choose from. We are also able to create studios to your personal specifications and requirements.