Press July 2009 – 29 / 07


Publication: Evening Standard

Publication Date: 29th July 2009

Article title: Shed your inhibitions

Article content: “The humble garden shed, “quick, cheap and hassle–free to build,it is the perfect way to give a family more space”, says Katie Law.

According to Sally Coultard, author of ‘Shed Chic’, building a shed at the bottom of the garden can provide an ideal solution to the problem of lack of space faced by many city dwellers. By contrast, jazzy loft or side extensions can be expensive, time consuming and a planning nightmare. A shed rarely needs planning permission, cost comparatively little and – crucially offers an escape from the hurley–burly of home life that retreating into an extension never can.

Today’s garden sheds do not have to be humble affairs. Some come as sophisticated post–modern, eco–friendly flat–packs, while others are a modern take on a traditional gypsy trailer. Ecospace, part of a London–based architectural practice, specialises in eco garden offices. “We’ve seen a steady rise in business in the past couple of years as moving becomes expensive or families are unable to sell”, says it’s owner, Lee Town. “The other factor for Londoners has been the rising costs of commercial rents and transport; creating a home office works out a lot cheaper.”…” A typical Ecospace garden office comes with a maintenance–free exterior made from red cedar wood.”