Press July/August 2008 – 01 / 08


Publication: Ottagono

Publication Date: 1st August 2008

Article title: Mono-pitched roofed studio – Idris Perrineau Town

Article content: “Perfect for expanding the home or the office.” Made with a wooden structure resting on an adjustable base means it does not require a foundation. This reduces the impact on the site and allows easy installation even on uneven terrain. The roof can be flat or mono–pitch, allowing one to add a mezzanine space and can be planted with various species of greenery, increasing thermal insulation and soundproofing and reducing visual impact on the environment. The dimensions and features can be customized with bathrooms and a kitchen area. It comes fully furnished with heating lighting and electricity, so it only needs to be placed on its base and hooked up to the plumbing system. A very rapid operation.”