Press June 2006 – 01 / 06


Publication: Esquire

Publication Date: 1st June 2006

Article title: Shed Heaven

Article content: “Down at the bottom of the garden lays the refuge for the modern man”

Sheds have always been more than a place to store bikes and back issues of Esquire. Nowadays, they are also serving a practical purpose of home office for those liberated from the workplace. The problem is that most look like tacky Swiss chalets. Architect, Tony Fisher had nearly given up on finding an off–the–peg solution from his home based consultancy when he came across, ‘Ecospace’, a studio range constructed from Scandinavian red cedar and topped with a “green roof of sedums.”

“We liked the aesthetics and the way the company is set up he says. It’s run by architects and built by architects, so there’s a feeling that they really care about what they do.”

Despite teething problems (“wireless systems didn’t work because of the heavy foliage”), Fisher says it’s the perfect working environment (“the comfort of working at home but detached enough not to have distractions”). The only difficulty is clocking off; with a recording studio and a well stocked mini–bar also in the space, the amount of time he spends has become, “a touchy subject” with his wife, “I’m thinking of creating a secret garden for myself behind the studio”, he says, “but I haven’t told her yet”. The shed mentality, it seems, is hardwired into the male psyche.