Press March 2010 – 17 / 03


Publication: The Independent

Publication Date: 17th March 2010

Article title: Green, stylish and yours for £30,000

Article content: “A new breed of affordable and eco-friendly modular homes may be the solution to our housing crises”, says Ginetta Vedrickas

“Modular housing might not set property pulses racing, but the latest generation of pod-like homes is hoping to inspire anyone concerned with sustainability and affordability and is now being touted as the newest solution to Britain’s housing shortage.”

“This isn’t the first time that off the shelf homes have been hailed as the solution however. Anyone of a certain age remembers ‘prefabs’, ‘temporary’ replacements for bomb-damaged homes, still evidence across the country thanks to their enduring popularity. And, while modular housing for the masses is common in Australia, the United States and Germany, British examples have mainly been limited to one-off, self built projects.”

“…but who needs more room, modular housing can be an affordable option is Ecospace. Cheaper then an extensions and loft conversions, an Ecospace gives you extra rooms in your garden starting from £10,000 for the ‘WorkPod’ option, which comes complete with sockets, data and telephone points. Enquiry to completion generally takes around 12 weeks, typically in installation time is a stress free five days, and buyers so far have added office space, playrooms, gyms and guest space to their homes. Rather than buying a granny flat of property for grown children, a self-contained whole house with bathrooms and kitchens starts from around £30,000 as long as there’s room in your garden.”