Press October 2007 – 01 / 10


Publication: Map Mag

Publication Date: 1st October 2007

Article title: Village Direction

Article content: “Putting a different, and much greener, spin on the granny flat, are the new contemporary garden studios from Ecospace. These bespoke, green–roofed studios are designed to provide a unique spatial extension, tailored to complement any facet of contemporary urban life, be it work or play.

Using sustainable timber framed, fully insulated structures, and ecospace creates the perfect pods for flexible living, complete with plug kitchen and bathroom additions, with a breezy mezzanine level, ideal for an intimate evening soiree or for simply chilling out. The cleverly designed studios offer a cube of self contained bliss right in your backyard. But, you might have to fight your grandmother for the space. Design your perfect abode at