Work away from home at home.

Working in your own house can be distracting, commuting to work in this current climate can also be inconvenient and uncomfortable. A garden office pod keeps you close enough to home while offering you a dedicated and attractive workspace away from the distractions of everyday life.

Having a separate space in which to work has been proven to increase productivity and help create a better work-life balance, enabling you to leave your work behind at the end of the day and return home to relax. A garden studio has the added benefit of bringing you closer to nature and natural light- both proven to improve mental health and decrease stress. Even a short walk to your studio at the other end of the garden can help you transition into a working mindset.

Comfort is an important factor to consider when working from home, for you cannot enjoy a full and productive day while in an uncomfortable space. Ecospace prefab studios are designed for use in all seasons; well ventilated in hot weather with different heating options for cold months and enough power points for extra fans and lighting depending on your needs and the climate in your area. All you need to bring to your garden studio are the essentials for your job.

Your studio can be as versatile as you wish- Ecospace garden rooms are customisable, offering virtually unlimited options for your needs: for example, your office can be designed to double up as an entertainment room, giving you two spaces in one and for much less than the cost of a house extension, completed in a fraction of the time. With optional built-in shelving and workstations, showers, skylights, underfloor heating and more, an Ecospace prefab studio is an excellent solution for people on virtually any career path- whether you need an office, kitchen, home gym, therapy room or art studio, our team of architects and designers can advise you on the best garden room for your work needs. Artists in particular can benefit from a garden art studio with natural light, quiet and space for storing materials.
If your job entails communication, whether in person, by phone or computer, a garden office pod will afford both you and your clients or co-workers more privacy in which to work, benefiting everyone including other members of your household.

Working from a room in your house or a rented space further away can both come with less than ideal circumstances. A garden studio is a creative and stylish solution- with your home comforts close by and distance enough to put you in a working mindset; you have the best of both worlds in the form of a comfortable Ecospace prefab studio – all your own.

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