The latest Modern Methods of Construction.

Our Ecospace® buildings use the latest technology in Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) ‚ exceeding the structural and thermal performance of many modern homes. We use insulated panel sytems as part of the multi-layered construction, providing a typical maximum structural life span of 60 years. There are variations of internal or external finishes available, just ask.

Within these four walls.

Built to modern housing standards, our multi layered walls are upto 225mm thick (nearly 9 inches thick). The walls are clad in natural wood, which is fully sustainable and can be left untreated to weather naturally. We add a breather membrane and ventilation between the core and the outer skin of the wall to prevent decay.

We offer various options for exterior and interior finished and also do acoustic specification if required. In short, our walls not only look good, they keep the outside out and the inside in. Permanently.

Roof - Green in every sense.

Yes it’s multi layered. Of course it’s fully insulated – the insulated panel systems have an impressive total thickness of 240mm, nearly 9 inches. Naturally we’re talking about our optional planted green roof.

Ultra low maintenance organic plants not only reduce visual impact, they prolong the lifespan of the roof, improve insulation and ensure the area taken by your Ecospace building continues to give something back to the environment. And no, you don’t need to mow them.

Other roof options include our Hertalan EPDM roof – a single ply membrane that is both environmentally friendly and long lasting, representing a major advancement in waterproofing technology.

Glazing - A view with some room.

Windows are like walls you can see through, meaning they need to be just as well insulated. That’s why we use Scandinavian high performance pine windows – laminated to provide additional strength and a substantial 145mm (6 inches) thick. These toughened double- glazed window systems have been designed for extremely low Scandinavian temperatures with a high resistance to heat loss.

The glazing system has an impressive U-Value of 1.5w/ m2k which exceeds all UK building regulations and is better than the glazing in many modern homes. High security, insurance-approved locking systems are also included within the specification. Oh, and our substantial sliding glazing systems provide a seamless relationship to the exterior.

And you thought they were just windows.

Interior - The inside story.

Natural is what Ecospace® buildings are all about, and the inside is no exception. We avoid finishes such as plaster, which can crack and require continual redecoration. Instead, we use premium poplar pluwood interiors with architecturally designed shadow gaps between panels to give you a contemporary appearance.

Walls, ceiling, fitted furniture, and workstations all appear
in natural harmony. It’s like everything’s been carved out of the same piece of wood.

Kitchen / Shower

Seamlessly built in

Upgrade your Ecospace to a compact living pad or full spacious dwelling with our range of carefully designed modular kitchens, shower & bathrooms all seamlessly built into the structure.

Work / Rest

The options are endless

We don’t just provide you with an empty shell. Innovation is what Ecospace is all about and our fully integrated sleep & work pads allow you to maximise the multi-purpose nature of your space. From single bunk beds that open out to generous double beds to built-in storage systems and workstations, the options are endless.

Floor Finish

They’re flawless

Flooring is no simple matter and naturally, something environmentally-friendly is essential. That’s why we use recyclable floorings. They’re made from wear-resistant rubber, naturally sourced minerals; eco-compatible colour pigments and come in a range of modern colour options. And, as they fit so seamlessly against the internal poplar walls, you could say they’re flawless. Alternatively you may prefer our optional engineered oak flooring as a continuation of the natural finishes.

Walls / Ceilings

There are other options of interior wall & ceiling finishes in addition to the standard birchwood such as refreshingly white washed timber panels, orientated strand board for a more industrial feel, or white painted gypsum plasterboard for a minimalist look. It’s really up to you.

The latest technology, naturally.

In terms of technology, power points, internet points and low energy lighting are all provided in every Ecospace® building. In terms of heating, due to their high performance insulation, Ecospaces don’t need much. Of course, we provide a low energy Scandinavian under-floor heating system with a digital timer so you can program your heating for any time you like.

Alternatively there are optional air-sourced heat pumps, log burning or bio-mass stoves. On larger scale projects, ground- source heat pumps and mini wind turbines are also options. In short, it’s fair to say that Ecospace buildings keep you warm, not the planet.

Our Timber Comes From
Certified Sources
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