Ecospace BASE - priceless design for everyone

Great design is priceless, but we don’t believe in sticking a huge price tag on it. So we’ve introduced the Ecospace BASE. It has all the professional design, quality and sustainability as our original garden studios, it’s just more compact. In size and in price.

Modular Garden Rooms

We were the first to develop the contemporary modular garden studios nearly 20 years ago. Contemporary architecture, sleek lines and natural beauty at home, at the bottom of your garden.

  • Uses the latest Modern Methods of Construction.
  • Costs less than a home extension and has a fixed price.
  • A typical studio takes just five days to install.
  • Can be exempt from planning permission.

Use our configurator to customise your studio.

Customised Garden Rooms

The most important thing to us is creating a building that works for you. So, if you have something in mind and we haven’t created it already, you could benefit from our design-conscious team and Architect led services, to create your perfect customised Ecospace.

We understand that every site has is unique, so we’ll work together with you to design an innovative space that not only fulfils all your needs, it enhances them too.

So contact us now, and we could bring your vision to life just like we did in some of our case studies.

Eco-Retreats & Eco Holiday Villages

Ecospace® holiday retreats take the common holiday lodge and transform it into a luxurious yet sustainable sanctuary. Our holiday retreats are a larger scale version of our studios and include bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

They can be sited individually, as a complement to an existing hotel or as part of an eco holiday village. What’s more, their high specification can command an equally high rental income – especially as their green credentials means they can be placed in areas of outstanding natural beauty subject to gaining the necessary consents. And of course, like every Ecospace building, any size can be created to your requirements.


Ecospace® is co-managed by architects who also run IPT Architects – a London based award-winning chartered architectural practice which designs and oversees various sustainable housing projects from individual houses to larger residential schemes.

We can provide as much or as little help as you need from acting as architectural consultants to providing a full in-house design and build service. Using our Ecospace flexible modular home structures that comply with modern housing standards and the Government’s code for sustainable and greener homes, your complete solution could be closer than you think.

And we’re not new to this. We’re constantly working with private individual clients and commercial developers to provide innovative, cost effective solutions for any particular site – including negotiating planning permission in sensitive areas throughout the UK.


Whether you need a music room, art studio, science block or just an extra teaching or office space, choose the classroom where learning comes naturally. An Ecospace™ classroom’s sustainable cedar exterior and optional plant covered roof entice pupils in. Its warm natural interiors keep them alert and happy to stay. Even its double glazed skylights and full height sliding windows help kids learn – research proves that pupils progressed 26% faster in reading and 20% faster in maths in classrooms with more daylight.


Ecospace has completed numerous commercial buildings including visitor welcome centres, cafes, management offices, marketing suites and many other buildings for business use. We work in close collaboration with our full consultant team and delivery partners from inception to completion of each project.

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