Our Commercial Projects

Ecospace has completed numerous commercial buildings including visitor welcome centres, cafes, management offices, marketing suites and many other buildings for business use. We work in close collaboration with our full consultant team and delivery partners from inception to completion of each project.



The structure creates a space of tranquillity, beauty and mysteriousness.
The perception of the pavilion constantly shifts from solidity to transparency depending on the vantage point. The materials and fabrication method are based upon simplicity and sustainability using diagonally cut orientated strand board panels to create structurally efficient frames with no material wastage.

The Pavilion was launched on 5th June and it was also open to the public during the London Festival of Architecture in June 2014. This simple and genuine, yet, sophisticated and elegant piece of architecture has truly achieved its purpose; a place for people to use and enjoy.

What Clients Say
“Thanks again for the excellent service and high standard in all aspects of the process. We look forward to working again with Ecospace on other projects.”
Yolanda B
"I am sitting in the most beautiful office in Somerset looking across my garden and feeling very smug indeed! Every aspect of this building is joyful. I love the feel of it, the atmosphere it holds, the way it looks – everything. I am very delighted indeed. Thank you for all your efforts and for designing this excellent space. It has completely revolutionised my working life and is a deeply creative and contemplative space – perfect! Enough eulogising! Can you thank the two lads for us – they were efficient, skilled, polite, considerate and intelligent in the way they handled the job. We enjoyed having them here working (it’s not often that I can say that!)”
Paul Dowding
“I am very pleased with my studio, thank you. It is even bigger and better than I’d imagined. The whole ecospace experience has been excellent. It has been a pleasure working with everyone involved..... Many thanks to everyone at ecospace for a wonderful product and excellent service.”
Michele C
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